Alexandra Chong

Alexandra is a renowned business leader, recognized by Business Insider as one of the top entrepreneurs in New York and London. Alexandra founded Lulu, an innovative app for young women. The New York Times noted that Alexandra started a “take back the internet movement for young women”. Her passion has always been to empower women of all walks of life, using modern technology to amplify their voices.

Alexandra grew up in Jamaica, where she was among the few professional female tennis players representing Team Jamaica at the Federation Cup.

Bill Tai

Bill Tai is a successful venture capitalist and educator who established the Silicon Valley office of CRV, one of the nation’s oldest and most successful early-stage venture capital firms. Bill is passionate about empowering others through the power of community. He is the founder of ACTAI Global – a group of extraordinary athletes, conservationists, technologists, artists and innovators. Participants combine their energy, network and resources to fuel philanthropic activities and harness their collective passion to positively change the world.

Dr. Tai is also an adjunct professor of innovation at Curtin University and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Tech Pioneer Committee.

Gigi Brisson

Gigi is a powerful catalyzer of positive change in the world. For the last 30 years, Gigi has invested in many high-tech companies and continues to identify and invest in emerging technology and platforms, especially those oriented toward social good.

A fearless advocate for the conservation and protection of the ocean and its wildlife, Gigi founded Ocean Elders. Through her work, Gigi is coupling the deep knowledge of scientists with the influential power of amplifiers, in order to reach broader audiences – including governments and business leaders – urging them to take action and help save the planet.

Jack Brockway

Jack is a leading British photographer specializing in telling people’s stories through portraiture. From famous portraits of Sir Richard Branson to those of former President Barack Obama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Sir Ben Ainsley, Jack uses his work to raise awareness and drive positive change in the world.

Jack is passionate about his charitable work, particularly with Virgin Unite and the Perfect World Foundation, among many others. His extensive portfolio work covers a staggering 67 countries – most recently Antarctica – bringing to light the challenges we face with the advent of climate change.


Paula Taylor

Paula is the inspirational leader with a growth mindset, powering the work of the D&AD Impact and West Tech Fest platforms that celebrate the power of creative, innovative and brave thinking that addresses the world’s most pressing challenges.

D&AD Impact gives recognition to a global community contributing towards a better, fairer and more sustainable future for all, awarding start-ups, technology companies, social enterprises, media and entertainment; in short any enterprise, product, campaign or initiative that is having a positive and transformative impact on the world.

As the co-Founder of the West Tech Fest Paula is managing a program that attracts an annual level of +1 billion in technology investment funds coming to Western Australia every year. Paula is passionate about empowering women and mentoring young girls to pursue education in STEM fields and learn entrepreneurship.


Karen Korponai

As Chief of Staff at, Karen drives the foundation’s daily operations, leveraging the power of art and creativity to bring people together, while using finance as a force for good. The nonprofit is powered by To: Ventures, an investment fund dedicated to backing the most talented founders tackling the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Throughout the years, Karen’s efforts led to building the first African-made solar street light assembly plant in Mali; a model pilot in Uganda’s refugee camp with the Shadowman Van initiative; the Light to Learn campaign to support a Liberian public-private partnership in education and energy in Liberia; the Akon Lighting Africa initiative, and many more.

Karen is driven by transforming visions into reality and delivering real impact on the ground.