We are a team of global advocates, human rights activists, technologists and innovators who believe that everyone needs the ability to access proof of their personal identity. Anywhere, anytime.

We believe in the power of technology for good. We’re looking at the most innovative approaches and solutions out there to help solve one of humanity’s greatest challenges: more than a billion people – unable to prove who they are – can become vulnerable, marginalized, exploited and abused.

Since its launch on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker island in the summer of 2017, the World Identity Network has been advocating around the world for the importance of secure, self-sovereign identity.

Together with our partners from the private sector, civil society, academia and United Nations agencies, we’ve been designing programs that help fight human trafficking, modern slavery, exploitation and all forms of exclusion.

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Watch this video to learn more about the genesis of World Identity Network  from its co-founders on Sir Branson’s Necker island: