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WIN Foundation Presents a New Movie: Shadows in the Dark

A victim of war, forced to flee with nowhere to go. A child desperately clawing to get food, shelter, education, and a better life overall. Another child, coerced into sexual slavery, with no escape. These stories are more than statistics – they are human lives, playing out in the shadows we do not see. Join humanitarian and human rights activist Dr. Mariana Dahan, as she shines a light in the darkness, revealing the inequities and injustices playing out, unseen, all around us.

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Shadows in the Dark: Our Global Identity Crisis

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Hidden Slaves

Hidden Slaves

There are more slaves in the world now than there ever have been before, but we rarely see them. They remain invisible.

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The Cost of Lacking Identity

  • 50 million children forced from homes
  • 1 in every 200 children in the world is a refugee
  • 150 billion dollars - trafficking generates illegal profits per year globally
  • 1.1 billion people worldwide cannot officially prove their identity

Turning Invisible Children into Invincible Ones

Drawing on original research and resources, this report reframes the challenges for identifying and protecting children as a result of the migration crisis in the Middle East and Europe.

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Blockchain Identity


Information is validated and structured in the form of blocks, which then constitute a chain – the blockchain – a distributed, record-keeping, immutable ledger. Because of its distributed structure, it is virtually impossible to break into the entire system and alter or forge the records.


Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is never stored on the chain: it is only the assertions or the verifiable claims made about the person. This multi-source identity is built through trustworthy attestations about relationships established over time.


Using blockchain to help prevent human trafficking: the system is able to record every exit with a minor - attempted at the border by an adult who’s not in the circle of trust - whose attestations do not match.


Blockchain’s immutable record signifies that the information on the attempted exit can’t be deleted or altered by anyone and law enforcement and/or civil society can act upon this evidence.

Our Work

Our aim is to ensure that everyone can prove who they are, while maintaining control over their identity data. Our work focuses on more than a billion people without a recognized proof of ID – more than half of them are children.

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