Our aim is to ensure that everyone can prove who they are, while maintaining control over their identity data. Our work focuses on the more than a billion people without a recognized proof of ID.

Today, nearly half of the world’s children under the age of 5 – and over 600 million children under 14 years old – do not have a birth certificate or official proof of their identity. These children are “invisible” to social programs designed to protect them. Instead, they are easy prey for human traffickers and become innocent victims in a 150 billion dollar industry built on their exploitation: children being thrown into sex brothels, sold into modern slavery, or even harvested for their organs. By working together, we can help turn these “invisible” children into thriving members of the society.

Advocacy on the Global Stage

Over the past year, the World Identity Network has been advocating around the world for the importance of secure, self-sovereign identity. From the World Economic Forum to the United Nations to the world stage, our co-founder and CEO Dr. Mariana Dahan has been a prominent voice for those lacking a proof of their identity. Read some of the stories that inspire our work every day and for whom we stand today.

With a fascinating story from her own childhood, Dr. Dahan highlights both the importance of the issue and the thrilling potential for real, impactful change in the coming years. Watch her story here »

Building Partnerships

Partnering with United Nations agencies, governments, civil society, academia and the private sector, our organization advocates for a resilient proof of identity for every human being and leverages the potential of blockchain technology to help prevent human trafficking.

Learn more about our partnerships and efforts in the world here.

Our award-winning collaborative campaign, “Blockchain for Humanity,” is a movement that will help address one of the humanity’s most horrendous crimes.

Providing Insights and Unbiased Advice

We aim to provide decision-makers with reliable, well-informed, unbiased advice and assistance to conceptualize and develop progressive ID systems that are robust, secure and inclusive.

We believe in the power of technology for good. We’re looking at the most innovative approaches and solutions out there. Read our thoughts on Blockchain ID here.

Please read our latest report and research conducted jointly with key stakeholders from academia, civil society and United Nations development agencies. Download the report »

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