Donate below and see the impact of your contribution TRIPLED to help the most vulnerable children at risk of being orphaned and lost to the COVID-19 crisis.

For children in vulnerable families, the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is not just a health crisis — it places them at severe risk of losing their loving homes and childhoods to the neglect of an orphanage.

Parents who were already going through tremendous hardship to provide for their children have lost their jobs or their health, due to the crisis. These desperate parents are now at the brink of separation with their children, stripped by this crisis of the ability to feed them or ensure a roof above their heads.

Many parents with little or no support from other family members, especially single parents, have no other choice than placing their kids in orphanages. These families have nowhere to turn.

Children who have been sent to orphanages are now facing increased levels of abuse, harm and infection due to staff shortages. They sometimes fall through the cracks of the system and disappear, with no proof of their personal identity.

These children are invisible, voiceless, and forgotten.

At WIN Foundation we’re happy to be partnering with the EBRD Community Initiative, and the Bank’s local team to support the work of Hope and Homes CCF Moldova.

Please join the WIN Foundation in helping these children today, and see your impact TRIPLED.

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Hundreds of children will benefit from your donations in these trying times:

  • $60 could cover three months of costs to keep a family together
  • $700 could cover the average amount it costs to keep a family together for an entire year
  • $2000 could cover the cost of finding a loving family for a child in an orphanage

Your donation can make TRIPLE the impact, by being matched twice — once by the WIN Foundation, and once by the EBRD.

Our team at WIN Foundation will match your donations up to 10,000 euros and EBRD  up to 15,000 euros! 100% of donations made through this form will be eligible for matching, and will be sent with the matched amount to Hope and Homes CCF Moldova.

We’re in this together!


*World Identity Network (WIN) Foundation is a registered not-for-profit pending the 501(c)3 status, therefore please note that contributions are not yet tax deductible.