Donate below to help the women and children fleeing to Moldova from the Ukraine »

The world changed overnight with the war in Ukraine — and vulnerable Ukrainians are paying the price. As men between the ages of 18-65 are told to stay and fight, their partners and children are being separated by national borders as refugees in other countries. Donate now to help these fragmented families survive »

WIN Foundation is actively working on the ground with local organizations in Moldova to help Ukrainian refugees keep their feet in these desperate times. Your contribution to WIN will help us support local authorities in Moldova to process identification documents for refugees, provide food for refugees, and find homes for children separated from their families. Our past work with charitable organizations in Moldova makes us an organization of choice to support these efforts, and provide critical support for tens of thousands of displaced Ukrainians.

Moldova is a small country, and the poorest in Europe, but in a time of crisis, this small nation has opened its borders to their Ukranian neighbours. Many of these families are still waiting at the border to enter Moldova, without food and shelter, as authorities work as fast as possible with limited resources to process identification documents and provide asylum.

It is imperative that we ensure these efforts succeed through a robust network of support from charitable organizations. We are working with targeted groups on the ground to support the massive influx of women and children fleeing violence.

Ukrainian refugees need your help now. Please give what you can to help document, feed, and shelter these fragmented families in Moldova.

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Thousands of refugees will benefit from your donations in this crisis:

  • $25 will deliver hot food to a family waiting at the border to be admitted to Moldova.
  • $50 will provide meals for a mother and two children for a week.
  • $100 will provide a month of shelter for a Ukrainian child separated from their family.
  • $500 will help a local firm process and document 10 Ukrainian refugees.

Even a small contribution will help support these traumatized families, whose lives have been ruined overnight. Help protect these vulnerable people while their husbands, sons, and fathers fight with all their heart to defend their homes.


*World Identity Network (WIN) Foundation is a registered not-for-profit with a confirmed 501(c)3 status, therefore contributions are tax deductible above a certain amount in the United States. Please reach out for more information.